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Manufacture of special prototype parts

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Uggeri Meccanica is a craftwork company specialized in the manufacture of special prototype parts in Milan.

Uggeri Meccanica manufactures special parts in shape, material and processing.
These parts are in the head of processors, transformers, designers, engineers, architects, and of all people with new ideas for a prototype that will be the first one or the only one in order to improve or create something new.

Tailors of mechanics, sewers of metal, artisans of precision: this company was founded in March 2011 by Marino and Gabriele Uggeri, father and son, guided by a wide experience gained in mechanics, since they have been working in this sphere with great passion for forty years. Now they are approaching the tailor-made sector, where they apply their know-how in various fields, from architecture to design, from boating sector to aviation, from restoration of motorcycles and vintage vehicles to collecting, even of a single machinery part.

The leading manufacturer of special prototype parts in Milan combines uniqueness, intelligence, manual skills and technology.

Manufacturing services of special prototype parts in Milan:
  1. Repair of hard-to-find or expensive mechanical parts, restoring their full operation.
  2. Manufacture of mechanical parts too damaged to be repaired or no longer commercially available, with technical improvements in comparison to the original part.
  3. Design, development and manufacture of operating samples or prototypes starting from a mechanical drawing or simply from a customer’s idea.
  4. Research and consulting on the machining and material type.
  5. Manufacture of tools for small series and samples.
  6. Welding of all metal materials with mig-mag, tig, braze welding and electrode systems.
  7. Ultrasound welding for most plastic materials.
  8. Repair and manufacture of shafts, gears, supports and protections.
  9. Welding of radiators, copper unions, tanks.
  10. Repair of hulls and bumpers.
  11. Repair of covers, bumpers, spoilers, PVC and fiberglass hulls.



We have abandoned serial production for several years and our new trend aims to integrate the best disciplines, sciences and technologies even in relation to few pieces. Therefore we have employed specialists in design, modelling and engineering thus creating a true value for our partners, whether corporate or private customers.

Here in Milan you will find a high-technology approach combined with technical and craft-based expertise, intelligence, and hundreds of solutions that we can put at your disposal for both consulting [...] and realization of your projects. We are a full-process company: from on-site survey to design, up to the manufacture even of a complex unique or small-quantity part.

DMG 5-axis milling center, traditional lathes and N.C., TRUMPF CNC punching machine, SCHIAVI CNC bending machine, tube bending systems and roller leveling, cylindrical and surface grinding, welding machines of any kind, Reverse Engineering.

Whether you are dealers, racing departments or private customers, in our workshop you can rely on the experience of qualified mechanics, able to do for you what others cannot do, do not succeed in doing or do at an expensive cost.
For further information concerning manufacture of special prototype parts in Milan, contact us!

Manufacture of special prototype parts in Milan

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